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   Let us get started...this is another GasMan project from TOP to BOTTOM.
   The entire site will be built using Web Expression V4.
Version 4.014 of the HTML WYSIWYG live editor/ftp publisher.
 Microsoft Web Expression 4 was released 2012.
 The program is free to use, and requires Windows 7 or higher.

The content will be limited to short essays and PDF FILES that can be viewed separately.
The DROP DOWN menus will include INDEX and APPENDIX directories.
There will be a Guest Menu where Ham Radio Operators can upload their PDF tutorial files.
The website is dedicated to SDR RADIO and the basic application for Amateur Radio use and
the Hobby Radio Listener. We cover all from LW to UHF. We will review SDX (software defined) XMIT
and SDRS - Software Defined Radio Servers.
We will not endorse, discuss or consider articles based upon commercial TRANSCEIVERS or SWL RADIOS that do not use a computer for "direct sampling" or "frequency sampling". ARCP is not SDR RADIO!!
These radios are considered stand-alones, and we will not apply the technology here.

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